Monday, September 28, 2009

being a physiotherapy = too bad

today is my 1st day of clinical practice...and yet the worsen day for me...
god,now i really2 think dat i'm gonna quick from dis course...its too difficult!!!
just imagine for the first time i'm treat CVA patient by giving passive movement exercise and
the first tyme i'm touch that patient i feel like i'm having pakinson disease..well if i think back it just giving passive movt but i'm really feel too nervous...
n not only dat i'm also have difficulty to talk or mayb i having aphascia jus like stroke patient..know why 'airway' pn sy sebut slh..karut!!!!cm org xpndai english...stupid of me..

because of this matter,its makes me thinks with many kinds of things such as 'knpe la aku pergi pilih kos ni dlu','kan best klw amek kos y simple2 cth kosmetik ke','tlg la cpt dugaan ni abes'...because i really couldn't stand with it..seriously :""""(

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

aidilfitri :)

i would like to wish:

selamat hari raya to all muslims in this world
maaf zahir and batin

hopefully all of us have a very cheerful eid for dis year,gathering with family, having lemang ketupat rendang and as well as kueh raya ^__^

for those that knows me:
1001 apologize from me..
for word that i didnt meant to say
for thing that i did wrong

for jokes that cant take


for everything



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

my heart saying.....:)

"you make me crazier"

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

ryndu sgt :""(

now i'm currently not in the gud mud..

because i'm really damn missing my luvly lady...mama...
and also my luvly boyfrend...papa...
miss to talk with my mum
miss to laugh with my mum
miss to watch movies with my dad
miss to cook together with my mum
miss to sleep with my mum
miss my mum cook...
miss my home sweet home...
miss my comfort bed...
miss my siblings....
miss my happiness time during at home...

God...i want to go home..sobsobsob...:""""(

i think i can't stand staying here...
its really make me just like sucks...
someone help me please :""(

if i could have doremon i will ask it to make the tyme moves faster so that i'm at home ryte now
or i may ask for the door so that it easily for me to go need to travel by bus..
wah!!alangkah indahnye begitu... really possible to be in that way..
God please make me patient and stronger to stay here...
for only ten days more...

therefore...stat counting leen from now :""")

like it :-)

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