Friday, January 30, 2009

it's my beday.....


Today i am 19 years old....hehehe...but den my fwen said dat i'm older now...
huhu...n yet they call me 'kakak' ke patot...kn2..hehehe

but den somehow i do feel dat i'm become more mature...hehehe...
but mira owez jeles wif me..she said dat i'm still like a child..
actually wat she said is reflex of her..hahaha..
(jgn mare ye mira)
n because of that, i didnt mind wat she said to me..
besela bdk2 lg mmg g2..

so fer this beday i would like to thanks to all my fwen dat called me
at sharp 12 midnite to wish beday fer me..

so wonderful...thanks so much!!
xsngke ad jgk ownk igt my beday...mmg syg la kt kownk.

n mis u all sgt2...hanis (my best fwen ever)
nady,jaja (dear lovely fwen)
oja,syaza,syida,lynn (my lazy n cutest fwen after all)
n all my mtrix n mrsm fwen..

thanks fer my mama 2 dat be the 1st kiss me on my beday.
thanks ma..wifout u i will never b in dis world..
u'r the best woman ever...n dat i would die for...

fer me the most wonderful thing dat i luv to get on my beday is "wishes" frm all my lovely person..
and thanked god...because i got it (^_^)

Monday, January 26, 2009

yahoo! gue cuti (^_^)

salam everyone..

welcome back....whoa feel so hapy dat i'm comin home..

but the most upset fer me now is i got a lot of damn assgnment..

oh igt n honeymoon da xley..
everyday,...this is my work...mengadap laptop n wt assignment

my head pn da becomin so penink n started my migrain btw.
n plg xley bla after dis holiday i have a test..

my god..i didnt stadi anytink and even practical checklist skalipn i havent manage 2 practis..
so i hve 2 take my mum as my model 2nite n do some massage fer her..hehe
sowie ma...u b my victim after all...hehehe

well, as all of us noe the other people from the other country had experience difficulties moment now on..
i felt very pity to dem...even i jus watch in the newspaper n television its already make fall my tears....

i owez askin myself when did all the 'DEVIL' will got their punisment after all that they did...
frankly speaking, people like dem did not deserve to call as 'human beings' but all of dem is

and they not deserve to stay in this earth but the most very suitable place fer dem is "GO TO....HELL!!"...

so lets us as islam did our responsiblity by pray to all palestine people for their safeness n may Allah owez protect dem n fer those that died in this war lets us pray so that they got the place that they deserve to get...

like it :-)

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