Wednesday, July 1, 2009

gastric..oh gastric...

fer last 2 wiks until now...i've been attacked by gastric...pergh...mmg skit gle..

kno what..the most feberet tinks in my life is to eat my mum's cook..but now..because of this i doestnt eat too much...mkn pn 2 suap je...god...please...heal me from this...

2 la org ckp...selagi Allah kurniakn nikmat mkn y baek,therefore mkn la sepuasnye..because..when dis happen like me..haa~~ nk mkn pn dh xde selere..actually not because i didnt want..yes i did..klw bole nk mam manyak2...but den...i cnt...when i eat feel like want 2 vomit it back..

2 la plg sekse skali..n hilng selere..

my mum n dad owez asked me
"sayang nk mkn pe??kfc??pizza??chicken chop??"
n i simply said and my answer is owez constant dat is
" no...i dont want..."

see...i donnoe why...pdhal seme 2 xde selere..cedey..:""-(
well i am a physiotherapy..bab2 cmni mmg totally bukan bidang kuasa saya..saya buntu fikiran..
sehinggalah tahap plg critical..iaitu : dh 2 doctor dh saya pegi berjmpe..they said its gastric..n nchat doctor itu :

"lepas ni mkn don missed ok..bia ckit asl mkn..jgn smpai tahn makn.
kne ikut tyme..2 plg pntng..klw pg kne minum susu..this is the most very good..
because susu bole neutralize acid dlm perot.."

orait looks like i gonna take notes all she take note lect plak..hehe~~
n hrp sgt fer dis tyme i gonna b dulu2..mkn byk...mkn sedap...really miss saat2 bahagie 2..

so,i goin to stop here..seems like i not really in gud condition..
(**btw kali ni cara saya mengundur diri sgt bersopan santun budaya kite laa)

lots of luvs,


**notes : seshape y bc entry kali ni...doala sy cepat sembuh ok..terime kasih ^__^

like it :-)

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